Is Jesus Real Or Not Proof Real Answers

Is Jesus Real Or Not? Proof And Real Answers

Dear friend, thank you for searching answers to the question Is Jesus Real? On this blog we’ll see examples and we’ll answer your question is Jesus real. With all of my being I can say that Jesus Is Real and I’ll tell you why. First of all, we tend to think of reality of what we can touch, feel and see. But, this is not always true. For example, some historical figures that we have heard of existed in history. How do we know that historical figures existed? We know that because we read about them in books and because our teachers have told us that they existed. Same with Jesus. We read about Jesus in the Bible. People wrote about Jesus in the Bible and not only in the Bible but in other historical writings such as Josephus who lived in 37 – c.100 AD.

This is not the only one way to answer your question “Is Jesus Real” There are many other answers to your question. There is something supernatural when you ask Jesus into your heart. First of all, when you ask Jesus to be your God and your friend, you will know that you’re not alone anymore. The Bible tells us that God’s angels are protecting His children and God’s Holy Spirit start to live in you. God is love and you’ll be transformed to live for God and for others by loving people and helping them.  If you’ve decided you want to live for God , I invite you to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. That’s what Jesus  said we should do if we want to live with Jesus in paradise. He said we need to accept Jesus as our lord and savior. Would you like to do this today? Just say with me, “Lord Jesus, I need You in my life. Please forgive all of my sins that I have made in my life. And Jesus I believe You are the Son of God who came to earth and died for my sins so that I may enter Your eternal kingod in heavens. Thank you Jesus for Your wonderful gift of eternal life. Amen”

If you have prayed this prayer with me now, you’re a child of the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth and all of the universe. Please read the God’s Word in the Bible and try to live just like the Bible teaches we should live. If you don’t have a Bible, you can write to me and ask me to send you one. Please find a local church and attend regular church services. If you’ll need advice in the church selection, write to me and I’ll help you decide on which church you should attend. If you have a need(financial, health related, family related or any other problem you’re facing right now) pray to Jesus and ask Jesus to resolve your problem or your need. You should know that when you pray, Jesus hears all of your prayers and He will help you.  If you’ll have any questions, please write to me.

“Is Jesus Real?” Yes Jesus is Real to you and me. Congratulations my friend!

Your Brother in Christ, Pavel.